Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some of My Views on Respect

Respect to me, is something that is earned, not given. Respect is something that you receive, when you give it. I honestly think that in this generation, there is not enough respect going around. I grew up in a family where respect was just all talk, but no action, and ended up being confused about the aspect of the word. The fact that the people I hung out with, were definitely confused about the word as well, did not help. It’s hard to learn about respect, when you grow up with people that associate “respect” with “thug life” So, I resorted to watching other people and having to learn from them what respect really was. But, as you watch some girls walking around in the street, the mall, and even in this very school, you see how much respect they have for themselves, as well as the respect that is given to them by others, all of which amounts to very little. Dressing in very little clothing, showing body parts that shouldn’t be showing, and calling each other or letting yourself be called a “bitch” or a “whore”, definitely shows that you have very little respect for yourself. As a girl, I fall into the stupid trends just like any other, but I thank God, that I always catch myself in the end, and realize how foolish I am being. If you don’t respect yourself, how can anyone ever respect you? I try to as myself that question frequently, because it reminds me of what I really should be doing.


  1. I fall into the trend too. In my circle of friends we call each other "bitch", and laugh about it. It's turning into the new N-word; It's a sad reality. After reading this, I'm starting to realize how destructive we can be to each other even when it's harmless.

    Keep bloggin sis
    Peace and Blessing

  2. You are a very wise girl. It is easy for anyone to fall into those pressures, and it's awesome that you can see through it, even if it takes a bit. I agree with Mlks, keep up the great work! You're touching others, and I hope you realize what a blessing you are, and how your talent for writing, along with your intelligence, really can make the world a better place! It always starts with one girlfriend... :)